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Homeowners contact us for the most attractive tree service Golden Valley has set their eyes on. Our tree company has over two decades of experience and dedication to the city. Our trained and qualified tree care employees well help you customize your landscaping to provide safety and beauty. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Tree Services Offered

We are a complete tree and landscaping service provider, and our services include:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Care
  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Tree Pruning
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Shrub Removal
  • Garden Design
  • And so much more…

We can assist you in designing a customized and personal landscaping project. We remove any dead trees and shrubs, and keep your trees healthy. We stand behind our core values, which include reliability, honestly, and integrity.

Call Urban Tree for Golden Valley Tree Services and LandscapingGolden Valley, Minnesota

Golden Valley, Minnesota has a population of 20,371, and is the headquarters for General Mills. It is five miles from Minneapolis, and has been named as “One of the Best Places to Live in Minnesota.” Every summer visitors can enjoy free live music with the Concerts at the Park event. This starts in June and runs through August. Every Monday visitors can head over to the Brookview Park and enjoy up to two hours of live music. Visitors to Golden Valley can also enjoy the beautiful city by visiting one of our other parks. We have over one thousand acres of parks throughout the city. If you would rather take in a movie or just do some shopping, then head downtown. There you will find movie theaters, restaurants, shopping, and much more. Golden Valley, Minnesota is a perfect town to visit or to live in.

Urban Tree & Landscape is the tree and landscaping specialists that residents call for all their landscaping needs. Tree Services, shrub removal, and general landscaping is no problem for us. Contact us today for all your tree and landscaping needs today!

Climbing Cat no Longer a Bother Thanks to Golden Valley Tree Removal and Service

Two weeks ago, Urban Tree & Landscape was contacted by a customer in Golden Valley. The customer was a pet lover who needed to get rid of a tree after their cat had gotten stuck in it for about the millionth time. She called us for the Golden Valley tree removal. We met with the homeowner and looked over the tree that she wanted removed.

Tree Evaluation

The Urban Tree & Landscape team evaluated the tree and we suggested just some trimming of the taller limbs would be better than just removing the entire tree. We told the customer that the tree was healthy and it would be a shame to just remove the tree. The customer agreed and our team started trimming the larger branches until the tree was pruned and trimmed. The customer was thrilled once we were finished, because the cat stop climbing the tree and the tree was preserved. We were glad that the customer took our advice, because not only was her tree saved, but it also provided a great deal of shade to her yard and home during the hot summer months. Trees provide us with so many benefits, and often add value to properties as they age. After we let our customers know how important their trees are, then later after we perform a simple task our customers are always thankful that they listened to our advice. We are the tree service Golden Valley residents can count on for sound advice and professional service.

Golden Valley Stump Grinding Removal

To add an outdoor kitchen to his home, he needed to remove an stump that had been left by a previous owner. He hired us to stump grind it and regain the space for his new addition. He is also our customer for his lawn care and knew our team is trustworthy and does a quality job. We went to his home so he could explain what he wanted and showed us some pictures online. Our designer gave the outline to our landscapers and they began working on the natural stone patio and kitchen. The first job was to perform a stump removal in Golden Valley in the back of his yard. The next task was finally getting to to the construction portion of the landscaping project. This is where we built out the space according to the plans our designers had drawn up. After about a week, everything was coming together. He loved the natural stone patio and cooktop was great. We also added a fireplace on the patio, which is going to be great for entertaining on nice summer nights. He told us everything was done with complete professionalism and that we continue to be his go-to company for his yard.

Urban Tree and Landscape Company would like to thank you for putting your trust in our company. We have been providing excellent landscaping services for many years. We thrive on our professionalism and honest work. We would like to offer some of our other services, which include: water features, tree services, and complete landscaping. We would be more than happy to discuss your next project and hope that our knowledge will be thoroughly demonstrated when you do decide to call us at 612-532-9996.


Golden Valley Tree Removal and Shrub Care for Overgrown Yard

A couple in Golden Valley had lived in the same house for nearly ten years and the shrubs in front of their home had just grown out of control. They were our previous customer and gave us a call to see what we could do. After checking out our beautiful picture gallery of our work online, they made a few changes to their design. A few of the workers came out to their home, so the customers could explain what they wanted done. We told them the shrubs could be saved and would look great after we got done with them. Then we looked at the trees in the front yard and saw one was starting to rot at the bottom. We told them the tree was unable to be saved, but we assured them we could keep the disease from spreading to the other trees and plants because we provide tree removal Golden Valley residents can count on. They hired us to come out the following day, and we showed up promptly at ten in the morning. It took a few days to finish everything, but it looked great. When the couple looked at the shrubs, they told us they couldn’t believe the difference and it looked amazing! The tree was removed, and the other one was trimmed and looked nice. They told us they loved the finished work!

We would like to thank you for your kind words. Urban Tree and Landscape has been providing honest and outstanding landscaping service for Golden Valley for over twenty years. Give us a call of for your future landscaping needs!