Comprehensive Tree Care Services in New Hope

A month or so ago a carpet and flooring dealer in our area was wanting to have the outside of his property improved. He had done a lot of the landscaping and yard work on his own, but he really needed help with stump removal and tree service in New Hope to really clean up the space. He contacted us because he heard we were the best tree company in the area. We met with the client to evaluate his trees and provide him with an estimate for his tree trimming.

The Tree Care Process Began

We arrived at the business and the owner showed us the trees that he wanted trimmed and the stump that needed to be removed. His current trees looked really overgrown, and one of them needed to be removed due to the disease that it had. We discovered this after doing a thorough examination of the trees on his property, and he was really grateful for our attention to detail.

We helped this store out with our new hope tree service

The crew showed the client a couple of signs that the tree was diseased such as the mushrooms growing at the base of the trees and hollowing present in the tree. The crew started the tree removal immediately. Once all the branches and trunk sections were removed, the crew used the stump grinder to remove the stump. The crew started trimming the other trees that were very overgrown and doing another stump removal on the property. At the end of the day we were able to have all the tree trimming and stump removal completed for the client. The crew made sure that there wasn’t a branch or leaf left on the property. We always make sure to leave a property in better condition than when we arrive.

The client noticed that we were getting ready to leave, so he came out to look at the work that we had done for him. The client was very pleased with the tree trimming that we provided for him, but he was more impressed with the diseased tree that was removed along with the stump. He said the outside of his property had never looked this good before, and he really appreciated the hard work that our crew provided for him. He said he would never let the property get in that condition again now that he has such a reliable and dedicated tree company that he can count on.