Minneapolis Tree Removal from Electrical Wires

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Our customer in Minneapolis had a tree that drooped over and was touching electrical wires. It was only time until it started a fire and caused further damage. She was in need of Tree Removal.

Our customer had used Urban Tree and Landscape for her outdoor kitchen in her backyard and knew we offered tree care services, so she gave us a call. We had scheduled an appointment and arrived at her property for what we thought was going to be a tree trimming service. We began removing some of the branches and learned that her tree had been dead for years. Even when dead, trees can still provide many benefits, so we always try to save them. We saw that the trunk had vertical cracks, which is a bad sign. We spoke with the customer and advised a tree removal as the best option.

After she agreed, we kept on working until the tree was just a stump and the electrical wires were free from danger. The homeowner made some errands and returned home just as we had finished cleaning the area where the tree once stood. She said, “wow, that looks great!” She was so pleased with our work that she went online and left us a review. It said, “Urban Tree & Landscape did a wonderful job removing a tree that was getting too close to my electrical wires. They didn’t leave my property until the area was cleaned. The price was very affordable. Great job, Urban Tree & Landscape.”

We would like to thank you for trusting your home with our team. We wanted to let you know that we offer other tree care and landscaping services, too. Contact us today, and let us go over other landscaping options.