Eagan Tree Service Keeps Music in the Air

Urban Tree & Landscape cares about the health of Eagan Trees and gives Eagan tree trimming to ensure health and beauty

An Eagan piano teacher was very used to being able to tell the passing of the seasons based on the time and amount of sunlight on her keyboard as she instructed bright and curious learners in the area. She was so used to this consistency that when an overgrown branch started blocking some of the sunlight it severely threw her off. She depended upon the sunlight to keep her inspired and cheery. She called the best tree service Eagan has to offer, and the team at Urban Tree & Landscape determined a simple tree pruning and tree service that would also help the tree’s health and solve her problem of lighting.

Urban Tree & Landscape would provide seasonal pruning. This would promote the tree’s health along with bringing strength to the branches. Our tree specialists would inspect and evaluate the trees so the customer would never lose one of her beloved trees. She was thrilled with this, and wanted us to start that afternoon. The Urban Tree & Landscape pruning specialists started a few hours later and the trees were properly pruned. They cleaned up the limbs, leaves, and debris, which left her yard looking great. She came out to let us know that she could tell the pruning was done, because the sunlight was gently hitting her keyboard, and she loved that feeling. She was in a cheerful mood because Urban Tree & Landscape is the tree service Eagan neighbors depended on.