Emergency Eden Prairie Tree Cutting Goes Off Without a Hitch

Eden Prairie Tree Service is immaculate only when done by Urban Tree & Landscape

Recently, Urban Tree & Landscape was contacted by an apartment building manager in Eden Prairie. The apartment manager had found himself in a pinch when his usual landscaping employee had to go the Emergency Room after breaking all of his fingers. The regular landscaper was working for another employer when he broke his fingers, and called the apartment manager to let him know that he was unable to do the tree cutting that his property needed to have done.  The apartment manager was searching for a professional tree cutting Eden Prairie service that could come out to the property quickly. The apartment manager found Urban Tree & Landscape after hearing a recommendation from a friend and was soon discussing  estimates.

Urban Tree & Landscape went out to the apartment property and took care of the Eden Prairie tree cutting quickly and efficiently. Urban Tree & Landscape was able to do the tree cutting to meet the apartment manager’s requests. The stressed-out manager now knows that he can count on Urban Tree & Landscape anytime he needs to have any landscaping or tree cutting in Eden Prairie or the surrounding area. It was very unfortunate about the building’s regular landscaping employee, and the apartment manager sent a care package to his friend and employee, and let him know that he didn’t need to worry about falling behind in maintenance at the building thanks to Urban Tree and Landscape.