Emergency Tree Service Puts Homeowner at Ease

We got a call from a customer who had a dangerous tree limb hanging over his property as a result of a the bad storms previous evening . He called our Wayzata emergency tree service to take care of it before it landed right in the middle of the house.

The homeowner sounded frantic and we let him know that we would be right out, which we were. We arrived to the home and the homeowner was right, the limb was huge and would be tricky to remove, but the tree cutting had to be done. While we were there he also asked us to examine the other trees on his property since we were already out there, and we let him know that we could do that for him.

The tricky tree removal was about to start.

We were glad that we brought our bucket crane, because the tree branch was hanging directly over the driveway. It was also near the power lines. The crew started safely removing the large branch and within no time at all the branch was removed. We went ahead and did some tree trimming to the tree. The tree was healthy, but was in desperate need of trimming. We wanted to make sure that if another bad storm hit that the homeowner wouldn’t have to worry about the tree limbs hitting any power lines or the home. The crew got that area cleaned up, then we went to examine the other trees on the property.

We were able to save the property's trees after doing tree trimming in Wayzata

All the trees were in fairly good shape as they just needed to have our basic tree care service (except for one). There was one tree that was in bad health. The crew was able to spot that immediately. When the crew walked up to the tree they could see that there were mushrooms growing at the trunk, and there was hollowing occurring in the area too.

We let the homeowner know that tree removal for the health of his other trees, which the homeowner told us to go ahead with. The crew trimmed the healthy trees, then removed the diseased tree. Finally, they did a stump removal too. By the end of the day the crew was able to do all the work for the customer. The customer was happy with the work that we provided for him and he told us how happy he was to find a reliable tree company. We came out immediately for him, then provided him with affordable tree services.