Emergency Tree Removal Response for When the Storm Hits

If you’re like us, you’ve been captivated by the images coming back from Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean over the past couple of weeks. Harvey and Irma were both immensely powerful storms. But the response from emergency personnel and citizens was also immense.

In hurricanes, tornadoes, and other high-wind events, trees that have stood for dozens and even hundreds of years can fall, destroying property and putting lives at risk. We’d like to take a moment to share our emergency response protocols with you so you understand what we can do for you and your community when disaster strikes.

  1. We watch the weather.

Seems obvious, but we do take the forecast seriously (even when others don’t). When the meteorologist predicts severe weather, we keep an eye on the radar to pinpoint areas that may need our assistance once the storm passes. We make sure our fleet and equipment are gassed up and in good working order. And we charge up our phones so we’re ready to take your call.

  1. We’ve invested in the equipment and training to remove your damaged and downed trees safely.

Our tree removal experts are trained to safely and effectively trim and remove damaged and dying trees. They utilize a variety of tools to get the job done right, from trimming equipment to remove branches safely to bucket cranes to reach the tree canopy. We even have stump grinding equipment for fast, complete cleanup. Check out a recent tree removal project in Saint Louis Park where we put our equipment to work.

  1. We won’t leave until your property is safe and clean.

We don’t consider our job done until we’ve inspected every tree on your property for damage and disease. Wind storms tend to hit when trees have their full complement of leaves. This makes it very difficult to see if branches are snapped or otherwise damaged. That’s why we take care to inspect each tree before we leave your property. When we’re done, we’ll clean up any remaining leaves and stray branches from your yard so you can enjoy it safely again. Take a look at the work we did for a Wayzata homeowner after a storm.

When the worst storm hits, you can trust Urban Tree & Landscape to keep your family and your property safe. To learn more about our emergency tree removal services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.