How stump grinding helps homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Tree stumps not only are an eye-sore, they also can attract unwanted pests, creating a nice home for them. So, if you have a stump on your property because you recently removed a large tree, or if the stump’s been there for a while and you are tired of looking at it, consider having it removed with our stump grinding service.

You might ask yourself, “Why grind the stump rather than just pull it out?”

Grinding has replaced the practice of removing stumps in urban areas like Golden Valley, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the rest of the metro area. It’s easier, quicker and less stressful on the surrounding environment. And it is something that should be left for the professionals to do.

In fact, our special equipment grinds the stump in an efficient and non-invasive manner so that we don’t disrupt plants, shrubs or structures nearby.

Our clients experience other benefits from stump grinding:

  1. Mulch for garden and other areas – once the stump is ground out, the remaining woodchips can be used for mulch around your other trees and shrubs. And while the woodchips from the deeper part of the stump are mixed with soil and aren’t very attractive as mulch, they do make excellent compost for use in your garden beds.
  2. No unwanted tree growth – stumps can spawn new trees through its roots, and once those new trees sprout, they can become a nuisance and difficult to remove. Grinding the stump prevents this from happening.
  3. Safety – although they can be big and quite obvious, tree stumps are still a safety hazard in your yard, especially if you have kids running around. The hazard is removed with the stump.

It’s never a bad time to think about grinding an unwanted stump, and scheduling an appointment to do so is easy. Give us a call and we’ll come out to your property and give you a free estimate.