Infection Requires Best Tree Care in Minneapolis for Removal

We had a homeowner who needed Minneapolis tree care for an infected tree on his property. Trees are living, breathing things and just like humans, they can get sick and die. Depending on what the disease is, the tree can sometimes bounce back from it. However, this customer’s tree was past saving because it had developed severe root rot. This can be detected if there is visible fungus or if the roots are broken. Trees with this illness can blow over or fall without warning, so it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. Our customer gave us a call after noticing damage with the roots and we were able to schedule an appointment to remove the tree later on that week. On that day our team worked throughout the afternoon until it was successfully removed from the property. We also removed the stump because leaving it could spread the disease to surrounding trees. After we finished, we invited the homeowner to look at the area where the tree once stood. He said we did an outstanding job and our team was very efficient, without leaving a mess behind. He told us he will definitely be using us in the future!

At Urban Tree and Landscape, we understand the importance of removing infected trees immediately. We try to save all trees, but it isn’t always possible. You can check out our other services on our website, which include all landscaping, tree stump removals, and garden designs.  Please give us a call at 612-532-9996 or fill out the contact form and we will get right back to you.