Keepsake Family Tree Preserved Thanks to Tree Pruning in Bloomington MN

Bloomington Landscaping sometimes needs shrub removal and tree pruning to look its best, which is why Blooming calls Urban Tree & Landscaping

Recently, Urban Tree & Landscape received a call from a couple in Bloomington, MN. The Bloomington couple were living in the same house the husband grew up in. They called us because they wanted to preserve a tree they had spent a lot of time under as kids, and wanted to know if we were qualified to perform the tree pruning in Bloomington MN. We let the couple know that we would trim the tree in a way that would promote its health, so the couple could enjoy it for years and years to come.

Tree Pruning

The couple was thrilled to hear this news and asked Urban Tree & Landscape to come out and do the tree pruning. We scheduled the tree pruning for the following week. The Urban Tree & Landscaping crew arrived as scheduled and started trimming the beloved tree. The crew trimmed the tree, then mulched up the limbs and asked the couple if they would like to have the mulch from the tree, which they did. The couple thanked us for mulching up the tree limbs and for doing an amazing job with the tree pruning Bloomington MN homeowners could appreciate. The couple said they were really afraid to trust just anyone with the tree that they had so many fond memories of, but they asked several of their friends and neighbors, and they all said that Urban Tree & Landscape was a highly respectful company that provides amazing tree trimming.