Bloomington Tree Service Helps Sell Home

Bloomington Landscaping sometimes needs shrub removal and tree pruning to look its best, which is why Blooming calls Urban Tree & Landscaping

We have a customer who was trying to sell his home for nearly two years without any luck. His real estate agent suggested adding curb appeal with tree service and landscaping because it would not only increase the price, but attract buyers. His real estate agent recommended us based on past success he has had turning clients of his onto our Bloomington mn tree service. Our stellar reputation and great reviews are what caught his attention once he was referred to us. Other landscapers had just as many upset customers as happy, aside from Urban Tree and Landscape. He scheduled an appointment with us to get started on this project. Without spending too much of his money on the home, we were able to add beautiful seasonal flowers to the lawn and trim a few of his overgrown trees so that there’d be more light hitting the healthier ground layer. There was a surprising transformation with the simple addition of a few flowers and by polishing the yard up. He told us a few months later that the home sold for seven thousand dollars more than he asked! He gave the credit to our landscapers for doing a great job.

Urban Tree and Landscape is pleased that you were happy with our tree service and landscaping. We have been providing Bloomington with outstanding landscaping services for over twenty years. We offer other services besides landscaping, as we provide tree care and maintenance and shrub removal!