Late Spring Tree Pruning Tips for the Twin Cities

Warmth and sunshine can’t seem to get a foothold in Minnesota this year. The silver lining in all the rain we’ve received is that our urban forests are looking greener than ever. If you’re wondering how you can keep your trees healthy and beautiful this summer, Urban Tree & Landscape has a few tips for you.

Know When to Prune

There are many reasons to prune a tree. Some trees require pruning to maintain a safe structure. Young ones need pruning to grow in a healthy and attractive manner. Unhealthy trees may require pruning to reduce or eliminate disease or damage.

If you are pruning an otherwise healthy tree to maintain its appearance and shape, we recommend pruning in late winter to spring, after the bitter cold of winter has passed but before the tree starts to bud out. If you are pruning a healthy, spring-flowering tree, however, wait until after the tree’s flowers fade to prune.

We advise not pruning healthy trees in the fall to avoid spreading disease-causing fungi throughout your urban forest.

Pruning a Sick or Damaged Tree Back to Health

If one or more of your trees looks diseased or suffered damage over the winter, arrange for Urban Tree & Landscape to diagnose the issues and correct the problems. To avoid the spread of disease, the best time to remove diseased and damaged limbs is in the late winter or early spring.

But if you notice disease and damage after the tree has leafed out, you still have options. Pruning a tree after its canopy has filled in is best left to professionals. Our expertise allows us to be strategic in what limbs we prune and when. Too much pruning when a tree has leaves can stunt its growth for the year. Fresh cuts can also attract insects and disease.

Our first step will be to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches and limbs that pose safety risks. We’ll do so strategically so the canopy of your tree remains structurally sound and attractive. If your tree is severely damaged or diseased, we may recommend removal. If that is the case, ask our arborists for suggestions on what to plant in its place.

Keep your urban forest healthy and beautiful this summer. Prune wisely, and call in the professionals if you’re considering major pruning work after June. Contact Urban Tree & Landscape today for a consultation.