Minnetonka Stump Removal Finishes the Job for Industrious Retiree

Urban Tree & Landscape was called by a recently retired schoolteacher looking for a company to help with a Minnetonka stump removal. The resident explained that the tree had been small enough for him to cut down himself (although we wouldn’t recommend that), but the resident needed us to grind and remove the stump. We were more than happy to oblige. We met with the resident at his Minnetonka home and he showed us the stump. We let him know that we had a special stump grinder that we used that would remove the entire stump successfully.

The homeowner was happy with this news and asked when we could start on the project. We let him know we could start in just a few hours. We returned with our stump grinder and started removing the unwanted stump. Our professional crew members had the stump removed and grinded in a day. The customer watched as we worked and when we were done he remarked that he was impressed with our equipment. He said there is no way he would have ever gotten that stump removed and is very happy that is gone. Finally, He told us that Urban Tree & Landscape is the professional stump removal experts Minnetonka residents can truly appreciate. The customer said he has a large tree that he needs to be removed soon, because he noticed that it is starting to lean towards his home and he would be contacting Urban Tree & Landscape, because we did an outstanding job!