Minnetonka Tree Trimming Leads to Removal

One of our customers scheduled a tree trimming in Minnetonka that ended up requiring tree removal service for a tree that was beginning to lean towards her home. At first she was hoping for a tree trimming because the branches had started to grow too close to the electrical wires, but the the tree also started to lean towards the home. This can be dangerous in cases of accidental felling, which could cause damage to the home. We evaluated the tree and found that it was rotting from the inside out, and just couldn’t be saved. Our workers came out and carefully began removing the branches from the electrical wires, then the tree itself.  They worked patiently until it had been completely removed and the area was clear. Our customer stopped by a few times throughout the service to check on us and when we were done she said, “you all did a great job! I was concerned about the wires, but it was no problem for your team!” She told us her brother had recommended she hire us for this project because he had always been happy with our services.

We often get referrals like these, and it’s always great to have both great feedback and good word of mouth. Of course, none of that matters if we can’t follow through and do a great job. Consistent delivery of quality services is never a problem for Urban Tree and Landscape. Call us today for your next project, and we won’t let you down!