Pathway & Stone Pavers Update Yard in Apple Valley

We were recommended to our customer in Apple Valley from her coworker. She thought we did an exceptional job on her coworker’s property, so she called us to see what we could do for her as an Apple Valley tree company. She explained how she has never had any professional work done on her yard, so she was in for a treat! A few of the landscape designers met at her home and asked what she envisioned. She showed them what she wanted done along the pathway and in front of her home. She also wanted to replace old pavers that were alongside her house. The designers showed different stone pavers to choose from. She felt confident in our services and hired Urban Tree & Landscape for the following Friday morning. After our workers arrived, she left to do some errands. When she returned several hours later, the work was done and the workers were packing up. We walked her through everything that was done and she said it was breathtaking and that we did an amazing job!

Urban Tree & Landscape would like to thank you for trusting us with your landscaping and home. We pride ourselves on providing great prices with quality service. We offer many services that are sure to keep your yard looking its very best!