Tree Care for a Nice Couple in Maple Grove

Maple Grove Tree Trimming was no Problem for our teamUrban Tree & Landscape was contacted by a retired couple looking for tree care in Maple Grove. The retired couple explained that they wanted to have one of their trees looked at, because it was looking very unhealthy. The Urban Tree & Landscape experts arrived at the home in Maple Grove and the wife showed us the tree that they were concerned with. She explained that they planted that tree over thirty five years ago when their first son was born and how much the tree really meant to them, because the couple lost their son just a couple years ago from a car accident.

Tree Diagnoses 

The Urban Tree & Landscape experts looked over the tree and let her know that the tree wasn’t unhealthy at all, but it was just overgrown. We could trim the tree and the tree would be healthy and growing again without any problems. The lady was so happy to hear the news and our crew started trimming the tree. Once we had the tree trimmed and the leaves and debris picked up and removed we let her know that her tree was trimmed successfully and  has many, many years of life left as long as she provided it the tree care that it needed and Urban Tree & Landscape was the tree care Maple Grove specialists. The couple set up for us to return in six months to provide the tree care that their trees needed and said they would never neglect their trees again. The couple couldn’t stop thanking us for saving their beloved tree.