A Recent Tree Trimming Project in Richfield

A few weeks ago, Urban Tree & Landscaping done some work for a customer who needed a good tree company in Richfield. The customer was a surgeon who had almost no time to care for his backyard, but he definitely wanted it to look nice and maintain a good relationship with his neighbors. One day he noticed our truck at one of his neighbors’ homes, so he called Urban Tree and Landscape to make sure all of his trees were healthy.

We did this richfield tree trimming for a happy customerThe Urban Tree and Landscape crew arrived at the home and started evaluating his trees. One of the trees in the backyard was in poor health. There was no way we could save it, but the others needed a good trimming. We gave the surgeon the evaluation and estimate and he asked us to do the work for him. The Urban Tree and Landscape returned Friday morning and we removed the unhealthy tree and the stump. The team then trimmed the other three trees, then we cleaned up the yard thoroughly removing all the branches, limbs, and leaves, so the yard looked nice when we were done. The surgeon called the office Monday morning to let us know that Urban Tree & Landscape was the best tree company Richfield professionals could depend upon, because our team did an outstanding job and the remaining trees and yard looked outstanding when we were done. He said he plans on Urban Tree and Landscape to be his personal tree company provider in Richfield from now on.