Retail Space Needs Urgent Tree Service and Stump Grinding

Recently, a commercial retail center property owner contacted us. He had about 10 stores spread out over a large lot. The owner called us to do tree care in Eden Prairie on all of the trees that had been planted about 10 years ago. We let the property owner that he called the right tree company, because we specialize in tree care, tree removal and trimming.

Eden Prairie tree services were scheduled

The crew arrived at the retail center and started evaluating the trees. One needed a tree removal fairly urgently, because the tree was not healthy and hadn’t been healthy for some time. The crew wanted to check the other trees immediately to make sure that they didn’t have the same disease, and thankfully they were in good health. A few of the trees just needed to have tree pruning done and one tree needed to have tree trimming done to the brances. We gave the property owner the estimate and he asked to go ahead and start the work.

We did tree care in Eden Prairie at a retail space - Utrees

The crew went to work on removing the unhealthy tree. The crew was able to situate the bucket crane where it wouldn’t interfere with any of the business within the strip mall. The crew removed the tree, then did stump grinding, so that any trace of that tree would be gone. The crew pruned a few of the trees, then started trimming the one tree that needed trimming. The crew worked continuously throughout the day to get the project completed for the customer. It’s a good thing that the weather cooperated, so the tree pruning and tree removal could go on without any problems.

The crew got the job done and had the entire area cleaned. The crew never leaves a worksite without making sure that all limbs, leaves, and debris are cleaned up and removed. We want to make sure that the area looks better when we are done working than when we arrive on the job site. The property owner noticed that the crew was getting ready to leave, so he came out and thanked each crew member for doing such a great job. He said not only were the tree services done in such a professional manner, but the crew made sure not to interrupt any of the customers visiting any of the businesses. The client said we were definitely the number one tree company to contact for all tree care needs.