Savvy Homeowner Avoids Property Damage by Using Tree Removal in St. Louis Park

Completed St. Louis Park Tree Trimming

A car salesman had a driveway that was incurring damages due to the roots of a tree in his yard. He decided the best option was to get it removed, because it blocked a lot of sun during the day in addition to the damage being caused to the driveway. He called Urban Tree & Landscape for our professional St. Louis Park tree removal service, and was very impressed with our knowledge of tree care and services.



Tree Removal

The Urban Tree & Landscape met with the homeowner and we gave him a frank evaluation of what could happen with the tree and that removal was the best course of action. The homeowner thanked us for being honest and upfront and asked us to be the company to remove the tree. We returned the following day and removed the tree for the customer over the next week. We made sure that we cleaned all the limbs, leaves, and debris up when we were finished. The customer was very happy with our service and for having the job done so quickly and affordably. He said that he called another contractor and the estimate that he gave was extremely expensive. The customer said that Urban Tree & Landscape is the best tree removal professional St. Louis Park residents can count on for fair prices and an honest job done. Urban Tree & Landscape appreciated the customer’s kind words. We thrive on always being fair and honest with all our customers, because that is what our business is based upon.