Storm Damage Fixed with Tree Removal in Eden Prairie

A strong storm blew through Eden Prairie and caused severe damage to some trees, especially on our customer’s property. She called us to come out as soon as possible because not all of the trees appeared to be beyond saving. Many times the homeowner’s wait and the trees start to attract harmful infections, which can damage other plants and vegetation on the property. Our Eden Prairie tree removal team arrived at the scheduled time and began hauling the broken limbs and branches away. Four of her trees were damaged, but luckily, we only had to remove one. We trimmed up the other three and made sure that they were still healthy. The team worked until the late afternoon, then returned the next morning to complete the job. Once we had the trees removed and the property was cleaned thoroughly, we called the homeowner to let her know the job was completed.

We could tell she was pleased with our work because she even left us a review! She went online and  wrote, “Urban Tree & Landscape did a great job. I came out to look at the work and they did a fantastic job!” We always love positive feedback, but that’s not why we do what we do. We thought it was so nice of her to say those kind words, but we always make sure to do a greta job with our tree services that leaves the tree in good shape and the customer happy.