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Tree Services - Urban Trees of Minneapolis

Urban Tree & Landscape delivers tree service to the greater Minneapolis area that’s second to none in the industry. We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of professional service in the tree service industry. That’s why we’re steeped in best management practices and safety protocols, and why we closely follow the latest findings and technical research in tree care.

While our tree knowledge and expertise is something that we are truly proud of, what really sets Urban Tree & Landscape apart is our commitment to our customers and their complete satisfaction. By putting our core values of honesty, integrity and sustainability into action, we strive to deliver outstanding tree service that will earn the loyalty and referrals of our clients.

Some benefits of working with Urban Tree:

-Knowledgeable and experienced field reps
-ISA certified arborist on every job site
-Excellent safety record
-Outstanding rating with past customers and the BBB

Urban Tree & Landscape is proud to offer the following services:

Structural Pruning of Young Trees  Structural pruning is the most proactive maintenance you can do for your young trees. Young trees are much more tolerant of pruning than mature ones, and many of the structural problems older trees have could have been corrected years earlier. Structural pruning from Urban Tree & Landscape promotes healthy branch structure and longer lived, healthier, lower maintenance trees. We remove branches that have weak attachments, redirect growth away from future obstacles such as buildings and roadways, and remove branches that will cause problems for the tree as it matures—a much less invasive procedure for a young tree than an older one.
Pruning of Mature Trees
Because large, mature trees are less tolerant of pruning than young trees, careless and improper pruning can do more harm than good. It takes a specialist to prune a large tree, someone who’s trained to understand the interplay of factors involved, such as site, time of year, species, growth habit and age. Urban Tree & Landscape’s knowledgeable, experienced arborists will show you how to meet your pruning needs while protecting the health and longevity of the tree.
There are times when trees of all types must be removed. Urban Tree & Landscape has the experience, equipment and people to remove any tree, of any size or condition, in any location. We specialize in large and hazardous tree removals—using a crane, if necessary—and pride ourselves on doing the jobs that other tree services have declined.
Stump Grinding
Our nimble stump grinding equipment allows us to access even awkward or cramped locations, so give us a call to remove that pesky stump on your property.
Buckthorn Eradication and Brush Clearing
Is nature “reclaiming” your property with unwanted growth such as buckthorn? The experts at Urban Tree & Landscape can design a custom clearing and eradication program to give you the outcome you’re looking for and make sure the unwanted vegetation doesn’t return.
Storm Damage and Disaster Recovery
A quick response to weather catastrophes is critical in clearing the way for power companies and construction crews to be able to repair damage and restore service. Urban Tree & Landscape has experience across the nation with safely handling hundreds of situations involving damage from natural disasters. In 2007, we were part of the recovery efforts in the south metro when straight-line winds decimated trees, leaving thousands without power. We sent crews for months on end to clean up after ice storms in Tulsa and Fayetteville. We traveled to Houston to help remove downed trees in the wake of Hurricane Ike, and we worked round the clock after a tornado touched down in south Minneapolis in 2009. These experiences have made us experts in preserving what’s left of trees and landscapes after such an event while mitigating further risk to people and damage to property.

Plant Care:

While plants are exceptionally good at making the most out of their environment, they often need a helping hand to thrive to their full potential. We take an ecological approach to helping keep urban yards and gardens green and beautiful.

Urban Tree & Landscape’s plant health care unit focuses on controlling damage caused by the spread of common pests and plant diseases that haunt the urban forest, using the most ecologically sound practices possible.

We have the expertise to examine your tree or shrub for potential problems and to accurately diagnose these issues. Where a question arises as to a particular diagnosis, we have access to additional resources, such as the University of Minnesota plant pathology lab, where we can submit samples for quick analysis. And to prevent potential health issues in your trees, we can assess their risk level by considering their current health and environmental conditions.

Some of the most important pests and diseases that affect our urban forest are:

Emerald Ash Borer   The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been causing quite a buzz as it spreads throughout Minnesota. Although the tone of the media has been unsurprisingly gloomy regarding the ash tree outlook, there are two sides to the debate. A long-used treatment for other pesticide applications, recently approved in Minnesota for EAB, has shown outstanding results in eliminating the EAB larvae. And it does this with less frequent treatments, lower impact on the environment, and lower cost than any options previously available. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the cost of the treatments. That’s your assurance that an investment to preserve your ash tree will be money well spent.
Oak Wilt  Oak Wilt is a lethal disease affecting both the red and white oak families of the Quercus (oak) genus.  Caused by a fungus that invades the water-conducting cells within the internal tissue of the tree, Oak Wilt eventually leads to progressive defoliation, beginning in the canopy.  Red oaks are more susceptible to this disease than white oaks and can die within 4-6 weeks of first showing symptoms.  Since only preventative treatments exist for this disease, you must be proactive.  If you’re concerned that your oak trees may be at risk of Oak Wilt, or that Oak Wilt may already be in your neighborhood, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to offer treatment options and direct you to more resources regarding the nature and prevention of this disease.
Dutch Elm Disease  Some still remember the days of the stately boulevard elms and their distinct cathedral-like canopy. What exists today is only a fraction of the once flourishing elm tree population, due to the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease (DED), and yet, elms remain an important component to the biodiversity in the urban forest. Through research and best management practices, we’ve found ways to effectively manage DED and greatly reduce the risks to your trees.
Give us a call for more information on how to maintain and preserve your elm trees.