Tree Pruning for Richfield Backyard Creates Lush Ground Layer

A Richfield homeowner contacted Urban Tree & Landscape about some tree pruning in his backyard. The man had an enormous backyard with trees, but the grass underneath the trees weren’t as lush as the homeowner had wanted. He told us he was looking for the best tree pruning Richfield people used. He also admitted that he had neglected his backyard for a few years, so the tree layer had become overgrown. The homeowner wanted Urban Tree & Landscape to come out to his home and see if we could help him get his grass lush again.

Urban Tree & Landscape met with the homeowner on the day that the homeowner requested, and the Urban Tree & Landscape tree specialists looked over the trees, and the area under the trees. Pruning the trees would provide sunlight to the grass area, and the grass would start to be lush again, quickly. The homeowner agreed to the suggestions that was made, and asked us to start immediately. The team started tree pruning, then cleaning up the twigs, leaves, and debris, then showed the homeowner that the ground would now have the sunlight that it needed to allow the grass to grow properly. Urban Tree & Landscape is the tree pruning Richfield specialists that homeowners can trust and rely on. We can keep your trees healthy and growing properly, along with keeping your grass lush and thick. Urban Tree & Landscape took care of the Richfield tree pruning, and now the grass is thick, soft, and comfortable.