Tree Removal in Minnetonka Prevents Car Accident

We worked on a tree removal for one of our long-time customers in Minnetonka. He told us it had become a nuisance for cars driving in front of the home, because it was leaning into the road, obstructing views. The Urban Tree specialists first evaluated the tree to see if there was a way to trim back the branches, but the tree had been left uncared for, and needed to be removed. We arrived with our crane equipment, along with our stump grinder and started the Minnetonka tree removal. Once the majority was gone, we used our grinder to completely remove the stump, so the area was clear. We let our customer know when we were finishing up, so he could come take a look at what we did. He told us it looked great and that our team was very efficient.

He said that he saw our crew working at his neighbor’s home a week ago, and we did a good job for them so he called us for his service. He generously sent us a letter a couple weeks later. It read, “I want to thank your company for doing a good job removing my tree. The employees were very courteous and professional. The price was the icing on the cake, as it was very affordable.”

We’re always proud of a job well done, and it definitely enhances the personal satisfaction we receive from our work when we know that we’ve made another customer happy (or safer!). Not only did we receive great feedback here, but we have a feeling we’ve got another loyal customer on our hands. If you’d like any more information on the tree services we offer in Minnetonka, give us a call today!