Minneapolis Tree Removal Clears Driver’s View

We received a phone call from a customer for a Minneapolis tree removal. A storm had recently come through, causing the tree in his front yard to bend and obstruct his view when he backed his car out of the driveway. It was not only a nuisance for him, but the branches were drooping down low enough to distract other drivers, as well. He knew a car accident was bound to occur if he didn’t take care of it fast. He did what many of us would do, he went online to search for different tree removal companies in Minneapolis that had good ratings. Urban Tree and Landscape was on his list of companies to call. We told him we could have our tree removal crew at his property that same week at a convenient time that worked for him. We arrived on the scheduled date to remove the tree. We had a climber go up and wield a chainsaw to drop the majority of the branches into our chipper. We take trees down in pieces, so it is safer and easier. We then used a grinder for the remaining tree stump. Before we left, we cleaned up all of the limbs, debris and leaves that fell during the process. We had the homeowner come inspect our work once we were done. He had nothing but positive things to say about the yard! He mentioned how he was relieved that there was now an open space in his yard and his neighbors can pass his property without an issue.

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