Tree Removal

As simple as it sounds, not all tree removal experts are created equally. Urban Tree and Landscape will take care of your tree or landscape problem tree safely and efficiently. (Click the link to schedule your Minneapolis tree removal) What sets us apart is our communication, reliability, and our commitment to your satisfaction. Tree removal is not a service that we like to emphasize, but it is a very important and necessary part of our environment. Our services will keep your trees healthy and vibrant, but unfortunately there are instances when tree removal is the best choice for the homeowner and the property.

Why Remove a Tree?

Deal 4Tree removals are performed when a tree is dying or dead, and has become hazardous to the landscaping and homeowner. Sometimes they are removed to ensure remaining plants can receive the light and space they need to thrive and stay healthy. Other times, they need to be removed to allow for new construction, additions, or for safety reasons.

Removing trees is a very dangerous and hazardous job. The tree technicians have to remove trees that are in sensitive areas, such as utility and power lines, in a confined space, or near homes, which is why it is vital to have a professional for this service. Cutting down and removing a tree requires experience, expertise, and training for a successful job.

At Urban Tree, our arborists are qualified and trained to effectively remove any tree. We provide a thorough cleanup off all limbs, leaves, and debris, so all surrounding landscaping and vegetation is not impacted. We safely and effectively work around your home, building, and landscaping. We use the appropriate equipment that allows us to get the job done safely and quickly!

We have a variety of equipment that includes an aerial lift bucket, ‘clam’ truck, cranes, and a special rigging system. We can create a safe removal plan that will meet your needs and any unique situation that you may have.

Urban Tree Removal offers:

Urban Tree arborists will make an on-site evaluation of the tree and surrounding area to determine the correct and accurate solution for a full removal. We provide alternative solutions, if available. We will schedule all tree removal work to be done at a time that is convenient for you, our customer. If any utility company needs to be contacted, then we will handle this, along with obtaining any permits that are needed. We even go as far as notifying your neighbors if the tree removal involves them and their property. Urban Tree is one of the only full tree removal service providers that is detailed and determined to provide an excellent service.

Once the tree has been successfully removed, the tree stump is typically left as close to the ground as possible. Occasionally, the tree stump should be removed if the tree had a disease or if the stump is a hazard to the landscaping. We provide stump removal at our customer’s request. For a successful job, it requires a special machine, which we possess. Our stump grinding equipment can grind the stump up to eighteen inches below grade. Our team will fill the hole with top soil after the grinding process. Stump grinding is done by one of our professional team members.

Why Choose Urban Tree?

Urban Tree & Landscape is a full-service landscaping company. We have been providing excellent tree care and removal services for over twenty years. Our qualified and trained arborists are guided by the core values of honesty, integrity, and reliability. We thrive on providing excellent services to our customers each and every time.

We offer superior tree services, tree removal, and landscaping services for all homeowners and commercial customers. Our rates are highly competitive and affordable. We are dedicated in delivering extraordinary services to our clients. We are continually educating ourselves in order to provide our clients with the most effective and affordable solutions.

Urban Tree & Landscape are committed to providing you with quality services, safety, and outstanding standards. Contact us today for a free estimate on your tree removal. We will provide a detailed evaluation and solution!

What we offer:

  • Hazardous and high risk removal specialists
  • Extensive crane utilization experience
  • Powerline and restrictive site experts
  • Meticulous attention to safety
  • Full precautions taken to avoid damage to structures and surrounding landscapes
  • Stump removal services
  • Fully Licensed, Insured and bonded

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