Tree Trimming in Minneapolis, MN

Tree trimming is very important to have done to maintain the health and beauty of your trees. Trees that are left untrimmed become a risk, because the branches can cause damage to electric wires, which can cause a fire and untrimmed branches can fall on a house, vehicles, and even people. Property owners should always have tree trimming performed regularly for safety reasons and the health of the tree.

When is the Best Time for Tree Trimming?

When is the Best Time for Tree Trimming?

Generally, the best time to have tree trimming done is from spring thru the early summer months, but this can vary depending upon the type of tree that you have. An oak tree should not be trimmed from April thru October while a maple trees should have tree trimming performed during the winter months, because this is the time that they are dormant and at this time it prevents any "bleeding" to the tree. If you are unsure about when you should have any tree trimming done on your property, then you should consult with an arborist. You can always count on us to be your Tree Company.

Four Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Trees:

1. Add Beauty To Your Property: Having the trees trimmed on your property will add beauty to your property. Trimming the dead limbs from the tree will allow the tree to grow properly. For example: you get a haircut regularly, so your hair will grow and be healthy and the same goes for your trees. Trimming the tree will groom the tree while enhancing the shape of the tree to provide beauty to your property.

2. Add Health: When you have your trees trimmed annually, then the roots of the trees will become stronger and adds health to the trees. A healthy tree can withstand a storm and new branches will start to grow too.

3. To Treat Any Disease: Trees can contract a disease and with tree trimming the disease can be treated along with preventing the disease from spreading.

4. To Remove Dangerous Branches: One of the most important reasons to have tree trimming performed is to remove dangerous branches. Dead branches are a safety hazard and they fall very easily when there is a storm or even during a high wind, so it is important to have the dangerous branches removed and trimmed from your tree, so that your home, vehicle, and power lines are safe.

Property owners should never compromise their personal safety to do tree trimming. You should always contact a professional tree trimming company. When you contact a professional tree company you should ask them if they do their work safely and according to national standards. We're a proud Minnesota tree company specializing in tree removal, tree trimming, and tree care. Call today for more information.