Wayzata Tree Removal at Local Office

A Wayzata real estate office was needing their new headquarters to look incredibly professional. They had just moved to the new location and they had the entire inside of the offices redone and they wanted the outside of the headquarters to look just as nice too. They contacted Urban Tree & Landscape. When we arrived at the location they met with us and let us know that they were very happy with the current landscaping except for one of the trees that was growing sideways, which they decided that they wanted it to be replaced, so they contacted Urban Tree and Landscape for the tree removal in Wayzata.

Urban Tree did a tree removal in wayzataThe Urban Tree and Landscape experts gave them several different tree options of a new tree to replace the tree that we were going to remove. They selected the tree and our team went to work to remove the tree. Once the tree was removed we planted the tree of their choice in its location and at the end of the day we successfully removed an unhealthy tree, replaced it with a beautiful, healthy tree, and cleaned up the area so the landscaping was on point for the real estate’s new headquarters. The managers came out when they saw the team was cleaning up to leave to look at the tree removal and replacement and they both agreed that Urban Tree and Landscape was the professional tree removal Wayzata businesses can depend upon.