Landscaping Projects

Kennedy Project

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Retaining Wall

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From Heaving Deck to Terra Firma

A paver stone patio solves a homeowner’s headache with frost heave once and for all.
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Throwing a Curve

The graceful, sweeping lines of this patio design softens the stern angles of a South Minneapolis vintage home.
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Creative Boundaries

Defining a space and creating privacy doesn’t always mean installing a fence, wall or dense hedge. Sometimes a gentle hint of a boundary is just enough to create the sense of where a space ends and begins
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Boulder Retaining Wall

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Keeping Trees Beautiful

Commercial properties around the Twin Cities trust Urban Tree & Landscape to keep their trees pruned and healthy.

When it comes to quality tree work, it’s what you don't see that makes all of the difference.
A well-pruned tree blends naturally into the surroundings and contributes to the overall sense of harmony in the landscape. Our best commercial and residential clients trust us to care for their trees in a way that balances these aesthetic goals with the health and longevity of their trees and shrubs.

Care and Respect for Landmark Oaks

Urban Tree & Landscape delivers meticulous tree trimming services to a vintage Summit Avenue home.

We have been privileged to work on some of the most distinctive and historic properties in the metro area.
As you can see, the majestic oak trees on this property are an absolutely irreplaceable aspect of the property and need to be treated accordingly. We relish these opportunities and do our utmost to make every cut count.

Cutting to Code

Judicious tree trimming helps an apartment complex conform to fire codes.

This highly valued commercial client called us in when they received notice from the city fire marshal that many of their trees were blocking access in the event of a fire emergency. At this point we took the initiative to directly communicate with the fire marshal to determine the exact specs that needed to be achieved. By doing so we saved our client time and hassle while ensuring that no trees were removed unnecessarily.