Tree Care in Minneapolis, MN

Tree Care in Minneapolis, MN

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you manage your slice of the urban forest. Whether you've got a large oak that needs to be carefully thinned to allow sunlight into your yard or a small tree that you planted for mother's day, we'll help you decide on the best tree care approach.

What we offer:

Tree Maintenance

At Urban Tree & Landscape, we thrive on providing Minneapolis/St Paul and Surrounding areas with excellent tree maintenance. We offer tree maintenance plans that consists of a full evaluation, pruning, disease control, and fertilization. Our maintenance plans are individually selected to meet each client's needs. At Urban Tree & Landscape can set up a schedule when your trees should be trimmed, pruned, and fertilized along with a price that will fit your budget. Adding tree maintenance will add health to your trees and value to your property.

Why Tree Maintenance is Important

As your trees grow, they need a little direction. This direction may be in the form of pruning or thinning of the limbs. At Urban Tree & Landscape specialists have been specially trained to provide exactly what needs to be done for all trees. Simple pruning will enhance any landscaping along with adding value. Pruning is an essential tree maintenance, because it will:

  • Remove any dead, diseased or weak branches
  • Train young tree growth patterns
  • Provides safety and clearance for streets, driveways, power lines, and sidewalks
  • Minimizes hazardous risks of storm damage
  • Enhances the tree's health
  • Maintains safety

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance. Pruning will optimize the health of the tree along with enhancing the vitality of the tree. You should always have a qualified and trained arborists for pruning. Improper pruning will cause damage to the tree that is irreversible and will remain with the tree for the remainder of the tree's life. Improper pruning is harmful.

Structural pruning is a type of pruning that is done to mitigate the risk of tree failure. The structural pruning will add strength and ensure the tree can withstand strong under all elements. It also eliminates any overall density that the tree possesses.

Corrective pruning is another type of pruning that is done on mature trees. Corrective pruning will remove any deadwood along with water sprouts. This will revitalize the trees, add more gas exchange, and give the tree energy that encourages the tree's growth. Corrective pruning is effective in adding life and appearance to any tree.

All pruning should be done by a professional. Urban Tree & Landscape can guarantee that you will receive nothing but trained, certified, and qualified arborists. Our arborists are fully insured and bonded, so our customers and their property are safe.

Rejuvenate and revitalize your trees with Urban Tree & Landscape tree maintenance. We have over twenty years of experience in tree maintenance and servicing. Contact us today for an estimate. We are a locally owned and family operated business that strives on providing superior tree maintenance services. Our certified arborists are here to assist you.

Trees need proper care and maintenance to properly grow and flourish. Urban Tree can protect your trees and plants from diseases and illnesses. We have a treatment that will keep your trees healthy, thriving, and healthy for many years. Contact Minneapolis's tree maintenance specialists, Urban Tree & Landscape today.